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 So, I've been meaning to get a new HD for a while. I'd also been meaning to install the windows 7 RC sometime. On monday, my computer gave me a black screen with a cursor when I tried to start windows, so I figured this was a good a time as any. XP had been stuffing up for a while too, so I wasn't too sad to see it go, though I might reinstall it on a partition of my old drive (along with linux and possible a version of windows old enough to run dos, but probably not). And I might have to reinstall it anyway, since I might not be willing to pay for the proper version before the shutdowns start in March, and may not find a non-shutdown-y version.

Went through some craziness, what with not being able to access my files on my old HD for a while due to some weird permissions thing going on, and three separate downloads of audio drivers managing to give me errors when installing, but I managed to get through on both fronts :D also, yay windows 7!

I realised today that the year I finished school and the year I started are both palindromes. Kinda cool. I only know one other person who can also say that (it requires you to have graduated in 2002 and to have skipped a year at some point). </nerd>

In the time I spent not having my computer for entertainment, I looked at some old videos I had around, and found one I forgot I had: a concert of the Labeque sisters (pianist sisters), playing in an open-air concert in amsterdam: first the petit suite by debussy, then some west side story transcriptions, then carnival of the animals, with some friends.

I forgot how much I loved that. I was hoping I could find that concert on youtube, but no luck. I may have to find someone with a setup that can capture VCR and turn it digital, because it's kinda special really. Let me explain.

1. Two top class musicians (and later on, their friends) playing wonderful music, in...
2. An open air concert in Amsterday (this appeals to me muchly)
3. The performers are clearly loving every moment, especially Katia, who sings along with some of the Bernstein and flourishes and totally rocks along with the big chords
4. When they do carnival of the animals, they bring out STUFFED TOYS! How many times do you get serious classical musicians doing that?
5. They don't play carnival of the animals even REMOTELY straight, they interpret it the way they think will be the most fun, and it works brilliantly!
6. Katia's really kinda gorgeous... She's about 50 in the concert, and proof that women can age like fine wines too. Also, she made a rock band called "B is for Bang". I just found this out. I sorta love her even more now.


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Oct. 22nd, 2009 10:51 pm (UTC)
Hahaha B for Bang. Love it.

I read "I need a new HD" and thought HD TV, and was gonna be all OMIGAWDYOUTOTALLYNEEDTOBUYA3DTV!!! 3D TV!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!?
Oct. 23rd, 2009 03:57 am (UTC)
Damn, I wish I had enough money to consider that!
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