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What's Opera.doc?

Opera.doc is the word file (though I used open office to write it) where I analyse an extremely famous chess game, the Opera game between Paul Morphy (probably the most dominant chess player ever) and some nobles that bugged into playing a game at a Rossini opera (and because of the what's opera.doc theme I have here, I really hope it was Barber of Seville). He played perfect chess, does some amazing sacrifices and ended with one of the most beautiful and surprising checkmates seen, all in only 17 moves.

I wrote this in the spirit of fun, and with the opera theme, and hopefully simply enough analysis that beginners will understand the game, but with deep enough analysis so that good players won't feel patronised and will find some interest. If you don't know algebraic chess notation, here's a link to help you out. I'd suggest getting out a physical chess board to play this game, but if you don't have one handy, here's a website where you can manipulate the pieces - just click the piece you want to move, then click the square you want to move it to, and for castling, click the king and click the square where the king would end up, two squares over in the direction you're castling.

Hope you like it:


This has been on my mind lately.

J was my best friend from the middle of year 10 until the end of first year uni, so for about 3 1/2 years. After that, we caught up very infrequently until late last year when we stopped altogether.

We'd talk about everything. We could catch up just to catch up, not need things to talk about or things to do together, we'd be perfectly happy just sitting in a park talking all day. We used to love each other's company. We were brother and sister basically, and would say so often. We helped each other through our problems (mainly me helping her though, I'd have to say) and told each other absolutely everything. She was my first real best friend.

After first year uni, she very rarely made time for me to catch up. I still wanted to see her of course so I kept trying, but got frustrated very quickly and got angry then gave up. Months later I tried again and we met a few times after that, maybe once or twice per year, but at her 20th birthday I finally realised that there just wasn't any point, I was trying and she wasn't, so I figure that if we meet again, it will be on HER initiative, not mine, because I simply couldn't be bothered. About half a year after that I give another try (with some vitriol to boot aimed at her), I'm not entirely sure why, and we meet up once more for coffee and it is really nice, in fact it's just like the old times.

But after that, well, it's just like before. She'll do the SMS/e-mail/MSN thing of  "Oh my god we haven't caught up for AAAAGES, remind me so we can make a time to meet!" kinda thing over and over and nothing would ever come of it. Eventually I decide, once more, that if we meet again, it will be on her initiative and not mine.

Here is the part that makes me feel weird:

Last year, around september, I get an SMS from her saying that she needs another judge for a tournament of minds thing she's helping to run and would I be able to do it. I instantly erase her phone number from my phone and when I get home I block her from MSN. She never makes time for me, yet now that *she* needs help, she feels no qualms about asking me to help out with my time. I get a happy birthday SMS a few days later on my birthday (I still recognised the number).

And about a month after that, an chain-mail SMS from an unrecognised number that was probably her (by this time I'd forgotten her number and couldn't recognise it anymore) and I simply replied "oh god, not a chain-mail SMS"

And I haven't heard from her since, nor has she heard from me.

I should have been honest with her and told her that I didn't want to stay friends.... I mean, how do you do that? But I should have tried to be honest nonetheless. But as I see it, she treated me no better in all the time she was doing nothing to be friendly and I was trying to be nice, and that thing about asking me to help her when she had barely made any time for me in the last 4 years ticked me right off.

But I still feel guilty. And I miss her as she was when we really were friends.


I hereby declare war on the use of the word "glory" as a verb. I'm looking at you, catholicism. *glare*

It offends my sensibilities.

Oct. 20th, 2008


I done moved to Largs Bay (again). Whoo! 2 weeks earlier than intended, but whatever!

So now I'm within walking distance of the beach again, and best of all, I have access to my piano again! I had access to my mum's piano when I was living at Paradise, but that's a heap of shit, only useful for building up muscles really. For the last half a year I've only been able to use the uni pianos, which are good and all, in fact they're great, but they're not at home. My piano isn't flash or anything, but it's really cute and has a nice enough sound, but a lovely feel to it. It is what I got good at piano on. As soon as I move it to a good spot and tune it, t'will be awesome!

So, anyone want to re-christen my place with me? I still have birthday wine left ;)
What is with the hoodies and pullovers that have really ugly patterns on them that are too small to look kinda funky and chunky, and too big too look like a decent texture, and are usually in a repugnant colour. Did I mention that the pattern is ugly?

So many teenage boys seem to be wearing them.

Before you hear it from someone else

Yep, we broke up. It was amicable, we're hopefully going to stay friends (no reason not to), it was mutual (though she said the words), and the reasons why are personal to her, so I won't elaborate beyond that it was making both of us upset to the fault of neither of us.

I don't like it, but somewhat of a burden has been lifted from both of us. And I'm sorta excited to be single again, because I've been preparing for this for a few days (like I said, it was mutual, I almost broke up with her yesterday).

So all is good. Check back with me in a day or two, when the sadness usually comes :P

Jun. 14th, 2008

My first serious girlfriend (by my standards anyway, I'm aware that by many people's standards I've never had a serious girlfriend), the only remembrance of her left is that I will probably never get back one of my favourite DVDs, meaning that in my 3 disk collectors edition of Donnie Darko, which is one of those 2-DVD-case-size cardboard thingies with a cool design on it, I have the original theatrical release disk and the Dune DVD, filling in space for the DVD case with the directors cut (which is sooooo much better) and the really rather awesome special features, which will probably never come back to me. And I can't help but be reminded a little not of a failed relationship, but of all the times I tried to be nice to her and got a bite in return, which hurt so much more than the breakup.

I'm seriously considering giving the case and the original release disk contained therein to her, because I don't like seeing it here. So, to storage instead shall it go, unless someone wants to borrow it for as long as they like, or at least, as long as they like unless the miraculous occurs and I get the rest back from her. So if you want to borrow it, let me know.

Sorry to those that wanted me to interview them in the meme, I'm feeling a bit emotionally flat at the moment, so thinking up personal questions that aren't boring to ask people is a bit out of my reach at the moment. I will eventually.


Comment and I will...
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2. Associate you with something - fandom, a song, a colour, a photo, a word etc.
3. Tell you something I like about you.
4. Tell you a memory I have of you.
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6. Tell you my favourite user pic of yours.
7. In return, you can post this in your LJ.

(stolen from frankiefan13)

I missed my LJ's 1st birthday! And I'm up with no desire to sleep, but don't have anything to do.

Some memorable times:

If you've heard me called Admiral Queerbait, here's why, from when I was still going out with Clare (it only works when I'm taken). Also, because I dressed up as an admiral earlier this year.

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Probably my best intellectual rant on LJ. A nice break from the emotional rants that I make :P

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