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Sometimes love don't feel like it should

(you make it hurt so good)

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'Ello, I be Andrew. I have very strange hair and I have lots of nicknames, the most enduring of which are Llama and Admiral Queerbait.

I'm introspective, but that doesn't mean self-absorbed. I'm not saying I'm not self-absorbed, though.

Music is a huge part of my life (especially classical music). I play piano and clarinet, and I compose a little. I sing a little bass too.

OK, by sing a little bass I mean I'm in a crazily active university choir and in a cathedral choir despite being an atheist, singing in various other groups randomly and singing at least 3 times a week and often more....

I'm a big insomniac, because I think too much or something.

I'm pretty logical and rational, but not too serious that I don't enjoy stuff - and I promise I'm not a vulcan. In fact, I'm usually rather silly with the people I like, or if there are kittens involved.

I'm far. Far. Far. Far. FAR! too good at minesweeper. My expert record is 52 seconds.

In short, I'm a nerd, but for a nerd, I'm a somewhat unconventional nerd.